How a Weight Loss Coach Would Make Healthy Popsicle’s

inHealth Healthy Popsicle's

As a pediatrician, we can’t imagine just how difficult it is to consult your little patients on the benefits of staying away from sugar. Especially during the summer months. Why? Popsicles, that’s why. Although in general popsicles are an excellent source of hydration, particularly when the heat hits harder, the fact is a lot of […]

Your Online Health Coach Guide to Coffee Drinking With Oat Milk

inHealth Medical Services Oat Milk

Watch any patient of yours inquire about the latest alt-milk trend out there: oat milk. To think that Starbucks added almond milk to its menu, and that caused waves of cheers for all who were lactose intolerant. The question everyone may have about the demand for oat milk climbing to the 1.25K% marker is this: […]

The Shocking Truth That Your Weight Loss Coach Says Fat Is GOOD

Healthy Fats inHealth Medical Services

  Well, certain types of fat are good. In general you want to limit your fat intake, and every weight loss coach will say just that. The fact is so would you. You’re a physician, and your patients deal with the challenge of weight loss; the last thing you’ll tell them is to eat all […]

Why Remote Health Coaches Applaud Gorpcore Chunky Sneakers

inHealth Online Gorpcore

It’s okay to feel funny about recommending to your patients that they wear those trendy chunky shoes with the massively cushioned heels. We don’t often mix medicine with fashion at all. But things change. Trends evolve. And the fact is this: what you wear does affect your health. Remote health coaches often look at lifestyles […]

Your Virtual Health Coach Says: Start Your Detox With…Broccoli?

inHealth Medical Services Broccoli

Be sure to mention this to your patients and watch their jaws drop: for them to detox, it’s not about shakes, powder or even liquids (although that can indeed help). Your virtual health coach will tell you that certain veggies and even herbs can best do the trick. Here’s a List of Some of the […]

InHealth Online’s Real Scoop on the CBD Craze

inHealth Online CBD

As a doctor or personal wellness coach, one thing’s for sure: we need to know the facts. Or us educating our patients may spread the wrong seeds. Such is the case for the CBD craze, not to mention the fact that marijuana is now legal in many states. Medically, the plant does have its uses, […]

The Right Cooking Oils Your Personal Wellness Coach Would Choose

Wellness Coach Cooking Oils

As a doctor or personal wellness coach, this may be a tricky subject. As the word oil does often come with it a negative connotation. Yet many don’t realize that the right oils out there do exist; and if you educate your patients on where to find them, their cooking habits will be that much […]

Constructive Self-Care and Anxiety: Your Personal Wellness Coach Draws the Line

inHealth Medical Services

If there ever could be a mantra aligned with the paradigm “Too Much of a Good Thing,” this would be it: in this day and age of Instagram perfection, and social media amplifying motivation to be leaner and healthier to the point it’s an obsession, it’s possible constructive self-care can turn out to be a […]

10 Easy Healthy Snacks…Doctor Approved!

The Online Health Coach Curriculum of 12 Snacks Your Patients Should Try inhealth online

As a doctor, you’re focus is the patient; that’s your customer, and when there’s a struggle with weight loss, you’re first instinct is to help them in any way you can. It is challenging to find medication and surgery that works. Exercise alone isn’t the answer. In most cases, it really is about a lifestyle […]

Increasing Physical Activity by Just Standing!

Physical activity

Increasing Physical Activity by Just Standing… Fitness and more specifically, exercise, has been given a negative reputation amongst the many factors of weight loss. Many people’s mindset around exercise has become negative as they use it as punishment for overeating or gaining weight. Others may view it as a strenuous activity they don’t want to […]