inHealth empowers you to transform your life through better health

Our compassionate, effective coaches get to know you so they can help you eat better, sleep better, move more, and reduce stress.

Customized for your health goals

You decide what your goals are and your coach and our science-backed programs help you get there.  

inHealth coaching and programs are clinically proven to help you lose weight and reduce your risk of diabetes. They’re covered by commercial insurance and Medicare. 

inHealth improves health and transforms lives


When you start with inHealth, you get your own health coach based on your goals and preferences. Check in, set goals, and stay in touch with your coach through messaging, phone consults, and video consults through inHealth’s mobile app.

Our coaches have backgrounds as registered nurses, registered dieticians, and certified clinical nutritionists. They then go through our training so they can work with you to get the results you want.

Coach Cindy

Coach Judith

Coach Julianne

Coach Rachael

Coach Susanne

How it works

Request a Referral

Ask your doctor or nurse practitioner for a referral to inHealth Medical Services.  (If your provider hasn’t heard of inHealth coaching, let them know they can register here on this site.)

Download the inHealth Now App

Go to your app store and download the inHealthNow app, and then register. 

Schedule Your First Visit

In the app, you can schedule your visit. You can also start tracking your food and exercise, and connect to a smart scale or a wearable tracker like a FitBit  

Meet With Your Coach

Open the inHealthNow app a few minutes before you visit is scheduled to receive the video call from your coach. 

Partners and Associations

Get a referral for health coaching.

Your health care provider can refer you for coaching that is covered by insurance and Medicare. Send us your provider’s name and location and we’ll get them set up.