Our Purpose is

Your Patients and Your Practice

With HIPAA compliant telemedicine services, you can easily incorporate our state-of-the-art medical weight loss, chronic care management, diabetes prevention, and sport nutrition programs into your practice. Our incredible team of highly skilled and trained virtual health coaches will help: increase revenue without increasing overhead, increase patient compliance, and incorporate customized plans and programs to achieve better outcomes. Providers can collaborate with our health coaches and conduct scheduled virtual visits for patients receiving ongoing treatment, from anywhere.

  • Increase revenue by up to $380k+ per year
  • Improve patient outcomes
  • Live video visits and secure communication
  • Bluetooth health tracking device integration
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Programs That Work For You and Your Practice

Our programs are built with seamless integration in mind. The goal is to make weight loss, chronic care management, diabetes prevention, and sport nutrition programs accessible to anyone from anywhere. We understand the obstacles of incorporating new programs and treatment plans into your practice, so we have made it easy for you. Our hand-picked health coaches will team up with you and your staff to make your new service offering a success. Consider us a new member of your staff, but without the overheard.

What Makes inHealth Different

We are an extension of you

Patients need guidance and support between visits with their doctor if they are going to comply and see outcomes. inHealth coaches become an extension of you by delivering specialized care between their visits. Consider us a new employee without the training, space or additional overhead demands.

Dedicated health coaches

Your office will have a dedicated health coaching team who will work with your patients on a weekly basis. Your health coaches will build a lasting relationship with you, your staff, and your patients to ensure a solid foundation for care. Your team will be a combination of dietitians and certified health coaches who are well-versed in your specialty.

Flexible systems and processes

We know how vital your systems are to your practice. inHealth built its business on being mindful of how we fit in without disrupting your current flow. We are not a technology company, therefore we will not try to sell you on a new platform or make you go through the trouble of yet another technology integration. We keep it simple!

Being able to see my doctor from my office makes it so easy to follow the weight loss program. Its been very easy to use and I've lost over 30 lbs.

Sean Reeves
Sean ReevesSanta Ana, CA

Using the devices and the mobile app makes it so easy to upload my weight and activity to my health coach. I just love doing this through my phone!

Tina Moore
Tina MooreLong Beach, CA

The virtual health coaches are very knowledgable and are very good at creating meal plans. My plan fit my lifestyle and food preferences which makes it easy to follow.

Jamie Larsen
Jamie LarsenLos Angeles