train hard. refuel. repeat.

Maintaining a strong and healthy athletic performance is more than just a matter of training, practice, and “keeping in shape”. For you to keep performing and responding at your peak levels, we offer diet analysis services that include a complete sports analysis. The staff at inHealth have customized protocols that are designed for your needs ranging from fitness enthusiasts to professionals athletes. Our doctors have created nutrition protocols for both trainers and athletes with incredible pre and post recovery success.

  • Our platforms allow for nutrition advice anytime
  • Access your nutrition expert from the palm of your hand
  • Gain pre and post event expert advice
  • Utilize personalized, expert protocols for maximum performance
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Proven Methods to Help Increase Performance

Athletes who crave increased performance have to pay very close attention to their nutrition. To increase lean muscle, strength, and/or reduce body fat, it is important to follow a customized nutrition program that fits your unique biochemistry and goals.

inHealth offers expert PhD, Dietitian and Clinical Nutrition Specialists to assist in making your aspirations a reality. inHealth coaching visits are scheduled weekly or bimonthly depending on your requirements. All visits are conveniently delivered through telemedicine and can be done from any location!

What to expect from inHealth

Personalized Care from your Dedicated inHealth Coach

inHealth coaches are held to a very high standard. You can expect your personal health coach to have extensive knowledge and education on current health topics and treatment options relevant to your needs.

Technology and Devices Play a Key Role in your Health

We utilize advanced telemedicine technology and health tracking devices to improve your outcomes through our program. All apps and devices are connected directly through your mobile device or computer. Your health coach and doctor will be able to see your progress in real-time.

Our Customized Approach to Education

Everyone is unique and so are your healthcare education needs. With inHealth you can expect an environment of learning where you will walk away with some serious knowledge on your health conditions. Your health coach will provide customized plans for learning, meal planning, activity tracking, and more.

What our participants say

Being able to see my doctor from my office makes it so easy to follow the weight loss program. Its been very easy to use and I've lost over 30 lbs.

Sean Reeves
Sean ReevesSanta Ana, CA

Using the devices and the mobile app makes it so easy to upload my weight and activity to my health coach. I just love doing this through my phone!

Tina Moore
Tina MooreLong Beach, CA

The virtual health coaches are very knowledgable and are very good at creating meal plans. My plan fit my lifestyle and food preferences which makes it easy to follow.

Jamie Larsen
Jamie LarsenLos Angeles