Aubrey Jenkins

Aubrey Jenkins
president & ceo

Phone: +1(888) 219-5299

Aubrey Jenkins is an enthusiastic entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in business start-ups, marketing, sales, finance, healthcare services, technology and consulting.

Ms. Jenkins opened her first company in residential construction finance when she was just 22 years old. After a successful career in the mortgage industry, she moved into marketing and consulting where she was the Co-Founder, alongside her husband, of Newport Liberty Group, Inc. which excelled in the healthcare arena and showed significant growth in subsequent years. In 2010, Aubrey took on her mother’s medical weight management business as a marketing customer and she found her true purpose and passion in life, which was to help people become healthier.

In 2012 Aubrey built a start-up, brick and mortar weight management clinic where she eventually developed inHealth Medical Services and the inHealth Weight Management Program, a “franchise” type model that could be deployed anywhere. As technology advanced and telemedicine started to take shape, Aubrey envisioned a company without walls where patients could access their healthcare professionals from virtually anywhere.  Aubrey now leads the company as its President and CEO.


Being able to see my doctor from my office makes it so easy to follow the weight loss program. Its been very easy to use and I've lost over 30 lbs.

Sean Reeves
Sean ReevesSanta Ana, CA

Using the devices and the mobile app makes it so easy to upload my weight and activity to my health coach. I just love doing this through my phone!

Tina Moore
Tina MooreLong Beach, CA

The virtual health coaches are very knowledgable and are very good at creating meal plans. My plan fit my lifestyle and food preferences which makes it easy to follow.

Jamie Larsen
Jamie LarsenLos Angeles