Dr. Michelle Alencar

Michelle Alencar, PhD, CCN, CEP
Chief Science Officer

Phone: +1(888) 219-5299
Email: malencar@inhealthonline.com

Dr. Michelle Kulovitz Alencar is a Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.  Additionally, She is also an Exercise Physiologist with specialties in individualized dietary meal plans. Dr. Alencar went on to pursue double master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition Science where she then continued on to complete her doctorate degree in Physical Education, Sports, and Exercise Science from the University of New Mexico. She is currently an Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach in the Department of Kinesiology. Dr. Alencar is currently very active in the research community. She has authored multiple peer-reviewed journal articles as well as been featured within textbooks and magazines for her expertise in nutrition and fitness.


Being able to see my doctor from my office makes it so easy to follow the weight loss program. Its been very easy to use and I've lost over 30 lbs.

Sean Reeves
Sean ReevesSanta Ana, CA

Using the devices and the mobile app makes it so easy to upload my weight and activity to my health coach. I just love doing this through my phone!

Tina Moore
Tina MooreLong Beach, CA

The virtual health coaches are very knowledgable and are very good at creating meal plans. My plan fit my lifestyle and food preferences which makes it easy to follow.

Jamie Larsen
Jamie LarsenLos Angeles